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CsHeadshot-150x150Cynthia Liu, Partner

Cynthia is based in Los Angeles and specializes in transmedia awareness campaigns, online advocacy/civic engagement, and citizen media movements rooted in the women’s blogosphere.

Past work experience includes working for a progressive media group that used video, the social web, and true grassroots community organizing to achieve social change. She managed Facebook and Twitter accounts across the media group’s numerous political campaigns. As part of messaging and mobilization, she wordsmithed framing for campaigns and tracked supporter data and campaign performance across the internet with various web analytics tools.

She’s also created action-oriented, high-engagement websites from scratch to support youth voter education and registration campaigns, and empower parents whether they seek to volunteer at their local schools or work district- or state-wide to enact policies that improve and sustain public schools.

She’s presented on women/race/gender/technology at BlogHer (’08, ’13) and Netroots Nation (’10, ’11, ’12), and with her sister MOMocrats, was a credentialed blogger who covered the Democratic National Convention in 2008 in 2012.

Currently she’s Founder/CEO of an education news and advocacy site: a “MoveOn” for parents who support public schools in a time when corporate profiteers would like to eliminate it altogether. That site, kk (K12NN), was a Circle of Moms Top 25 Political Blog in 2011, and featured a distinctive and powerful map tool to show Californians statewide what would be lost if deep funding cuts to public education occurred (they did); the tool won the site a 2011 BlogHer.com / HTC Innovators Award for creative use of technology in the women’s blogosphere. K12NN re-launched in 2012 as a featured woman-owned small business providing education news and online advocacy tools to public school communities at Netroots Nation 2012. and sustain public schools.

She tweets at @cyn3matic.

donna-150x150Donna Schwartz Mills, Partner

Donna Schwartz Mills has been online in some capacity for 30 years. She has worked in radio (as writer of the nationally syndicated program, The Weekly Top 30 and producer of The Weekly Music Magazine) and television (notably as a production assistant at The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson).

Donna has also worked for lobbyists at the California Association of REALTORS and as a bilingual education assistant at an LAUSD school in the San Fernando Valley.

In 2003, Donna launched her blog SoCalMom.net, which focuses on parenting, lifestyle and travel. She was one of the first Wii Ambassadors for Nintendo and has participated in numerous social media campaigns.

Since 2008, Donna has been a member of the online political blogging group, the MOMocrats, whose mission was to help elect Democrats to office. The MOMocrats’ advocacy and reporting earned them a press credential at the Democratic National Convention, and Donna was part of the group that met in Denver to report from the floor.

With the MOMocrats, Donna has come full circle as producer and host of a weekly political podcast, MOMocrats MOMochat.

Donna has been a paid consultant to Disney’s Family.com and is a former paid contributor to a blog at WebMD. She currently contributes material to the automotive site, AskPatty.com and to CBS Los Angeles.

She has sold two sitcom scripts and is a member of the Writers Guild of America, West.

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