Omnimedia for Omnivorous Women

[box] Women talk. You know they do.[/box]

Estee Lauder built a multi-billion dollar-a-year cosmetics business on one principle: “Telephone, telegraph, tell a friend.” She knew that women talk before they buy. Today, social media fills the same need.

According to Mindshare/Ogilvy & Mather, 75% of U.S. women are mainstream digital users, and 16% consider themselves technically expert – a group Ogilvy dubs “digital divas.”’s 2010 Social Media Survey reports that 80 million women use social media each month, with 55 million of them reading blogs. Fifty percent of women using social media say they’ve made purchases based upon recommendations they’ve read in blogs… and blogger promotions are more effective than celebrity endorsements.

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This group averages over 170 contacts in their email or mobile lists: 22% of this group shop at least once a day, 92% pass along information about deals to others, and 58% would choose to get rid of their TV before their mobile device.

We created Engender Media Group to serve this hungry audience with the content, delivery, and engagement style that this group prefers. From the frilly to the bracingly frank and all modes in between, we reach women (and men) in the ways they — we — find convenient and comfortable.

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